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Contributing to development

Each new push or pull-request to the code base for this toolbox will automatically be run through testing and documentation building via github actions.

To develop this package or its documentation locally you will need to install a few extra dependencies.


pip install -r requirements-dev.txt


To run tests just call pytest from the root of this repository. New tests can be added in neighbors/tests/. To speed up tests you can optionally pip install pytest-xdist to parallelize testing and use it with: pytest -rs -n auto.


Please format your code using black. If you've installed the development dependencies, then you can configure git to tell if you any new changes are not formatted by setting up a pre-commit hook:

  • cd .git/hooks
  • Create a new file called pre-commit with the following contents:

    black --check .
    - Make sure the file is executable chmod 775 pre-commit

Now anytime you try to commit new changes, git will automatically run black before the commit and warn you if certain files need to be formatted.

Editing continuous integration

To change how the automatic workflow builds are specified, make the relevant edits in .github/workflows/conda_ci.yml.


Documentation is built with mkdocs using the mkdocs material theme, mkdocstrings, and mkdocs-jupyter plugins.

Live server

After installation above, simply run mkdocs serve this the project root to start a hot-reloading server of the documentation at http://localhost:8000.

To alter the layout of the docs site adjust settings in mkdocs.yml. To add or edit pages simply create markdown files within the docs/ folder.


You can use the mkdocs gh-deploy command in order to build and push the documentation site to the github-pages branch of this repo.